One of the most recognized Inns in America...

Mourning Theater - As of March 1st -Fridays and Saturdays 7pm

9.00 perperson plus tax

Ghost Hunt -Fridays and Saturdays 9:30pm - 25.00 per person plus tax

10 years old and up

With our ghost hunting equipment  at your disposal, join us here at the Farnsworth House for a ghost hunt! Venture down to the cellar, explore the attic, and go across the street to the grove to find some of the spirits who still remain. Use temperature gauges, dowsing rods, night vision cameras, and more to uncover some of Gettysburg deepest secrets. 

90 minutes 

Paranormal Night- Monthly, 8pm-2am, Ask about availability Adults- $50.00 per person plus tax Kid Friendly? Nope. Ages 10 and Up 

Follow us down to cellar in one of the most haunted Inns in America. There, your guide will tell you the long and intriguing history of the Farnsworth House and the spirits that still remain. Decorated like a Victorian Mourning Parlor, step into our cellar, the birthplace of Ghost Storytelling in Gettysburg. 

​60 minutes 

This is an all-night investigation that gives you full access to the Farnsworth House. The evening begins with a brief lecture on identifying paranormal evidence, the use of paranormal equipment, the history of the Farnsworth House. Begin your investigation out in “The Grove”, then head into the Farnworth House for the rest of the night. Investigate the attic, cellar, and other parts of the B&B. Light refreshments provided. Private groups available upon request. 

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Ghost Walks and Presentations

​​​​Our Combo tours combines parts of our East Cemetery Hill Walk with our Mourning Theater presentation. You will learn the history of the house and it's spirits, and hear stories within the cellar and the garret (attic) of the Historic Farnsworth House, followed by a walk across the street to the Grove, the site of a massive Confederate Offensive that took place the evening of July 2nd, 1863​.

Combo Tour- 8:00 p.m. Saturdays $9.00 per person plus tax

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We are the home of Gettysburg's longest running ghost tour company. For 30 years the Farnsworth house has provided Gettysburg's original and exciting haunted HISTORY tours.

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all tours subject to a 10% amusement tax