One of the most recognized Inns in America...

Mourning Theater

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$10.00 per person plus tax

For those who want to create their own ghostly experiences! Use some of the equipment that you see the pros use, including K-2 meters, dowsing rods, digital voice recorders, and other types of paranormal equipment. Begin in the cellar of the Farnsworth House, and then head outdoors into the darkness and still of the night to complete your ghost hunt. 

90 minutes

Paranormal Night

Monthly 8pm-1am

Ask about availability Adults- $55.00 per person plus tax

Kid Friendly? Nope. Ages 16 and Up 

Head north along historic Baltimore St, passing buildings used both by Union and Confederate alike, and eventually used as Hospitals. Hear the haunting & gruesome truths/tales along the way as your guide describes the gory details of necessary amputations (and more) within the walls of Civil War Hospitals of Gettysburg.

*Social Distancing & Masks Required* 
*Must Sign Waiver Before Start of Tour*

​90 Minutes

**Ghost Walk COVID-19 Policies and Procedures Listed Below**

Tour the garret of the historic haunted inn, see the window where it is believed the bullet that was fired from that killed Jenny Wade, the only civilian that died during the battle. Perhaps hear the voice of the ghostly child who often speaks to visitors. Descend the stairs down into the cellar set up as a Victorian viewing parlor with a casket and mourning flowers. Sit on the edge of your seat in antique church pews. See the mirror featured on the Travel Channel's show Kindred Spirits "Haunting in Gettysburg" episode. Time/weather permitting venture our to Camp Tiger which is our own Civil War Encampment and farmstead and into the streets where Civil War soldiers walked over 150 years ago with stories that are sure to give you goose bumps.

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART and most definitely an “adult” themed tour! Gettysburg has often been called the most Haunted town in America. There are many ways people and places can become haunted. Your guide will explore this theme with you, with no holds barred, in bone chilling, blood curdling detail, with nothing left to the imagination, as you walk through the village of Gettysburg. Other topics could include the Paranormal experience, Victorian death, Mourning, and burial practices, (or the lack of it),as well as the more “intimate” secrets/lives of the period and it's consequences. By the conclusion of the tour, your guide should have you convinced that Gettysburg has definitely earned its moniker. The tour also includes a visit to either the garret room of the Historic Farnsworth House OR the often investigated cellar. Subject matter may or may not include all topics, and can vary according to the storyteller.

Tormented and Lost Souls Tour 

Ages 16 & Up- No Exceptions Due to Content

11:00-12:30 A.M. (90 Minutes)

$15 per person plus tax

Descend the stairs of the cellar for this seated presentation beneath one of the most haunted inns in America (where it stays a comfortable 58 degrees for most of the year)! There, your period dressed guide will tell you the long, intriguing history of the Farnsworth House and the many spirits that reside within it’s walls. Decorated with an antique coffin, vintage photos, church pews and so much more. Who knows what ghostly apparitions you just might meet there, there have been many who have! 

​60 minutes 

Confederate Hospital Walk *COVID-Safe Tour*

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$10.00 per person plus tax​

Ghost Hunt

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$15.00 per person plus tax

13 years old and up

Farnsworth House Combo Tour

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"Winter Tour"

​$10.00 per person plus tax

Here’s your chance to investigate one of the most haunted inns in America on one of our most popular tours! Your evening will begin with a brief lecture on the use of paranormal equipment and how to identify paranormal evidence. You will be investigating the Garret (the attic), the cellar, the Meade and Lee Dining Rooms, and other areas of the Historic Farnsworth House and then outdoors into the still of the darkness of the night. Light refreshments provided. Private groups available upon request. 

Farnsworth House Inn Presents...

Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours

Tours will take place rain or shine!

During your journey south along historic Baltimore St, walk towards the Union position on Cemetery Hill (we do not go on NPS property) Hear stories and view locations that help make this town and hallowed battleground haunted. Learn about our "Witness Trees", Jennie Wade and her fate, The Humiston’s, and the paranormal experience associated with this area. Your tour will include stories of the Historic Farnsworth House, where it is believed the fatal shot that ended the life of Jennie Wade originated from.

*Social Distancing & Masks Required*

*Must Sign Waiver Before Start of Tour*

90 Minutes

Yankee Spirits Walking Tour *COVID-Safe Tour*

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$10.00 per person plus tax

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all tours subject to a 7.46% amusement tax