Historic Farnsworth House Tour (60 minutes) 

Tours are conducted daily- please call us at 717-334-8838 extension 0 for availability. 

Tickets can be purchased next door at the log building or here on our website by clicking the book your button on this page.

The Historic Farnsworth House is listed on the “National Register of Historic Places” and has become one of the most recognized Inns in America.

Highlights of Your Tour

  • Cellar- used to care for the wounded during the battle, the household’s bed clothing and linen were used for bandages. It is currently being used for our Mourning Theater Presentations that tell of the many spirits that still presumably reside within its walls.

  • Attic or Third Floor- It houses one of the most extensive collection of Civil War relics in Gettysburg. The attic was used by Confederate Sharpshooters who is believed to have killed Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty of the battle. Used by its inhabitants mostly for drying fruits, because of its intense heat during the summer.

  • Main Dining Room- Original oil paintings of General Meade, Center Square, Train Station, and Farnsworth House adorn the walls. A door is displayed with bullets holes fired through it, a Franklin Stove original to the house and an original newspaper with Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address dated November 20, 1863.

  • Bed and Breakfast Rooms-  All rooms are furnished in Victorian-style featuring Bradbury wallpaper, and antiques of the period. All rooms have private baths and different decors.

  • Kitchen-  Enjoy a pumpkin fritter; one of the many period items on our menu. As Bon Appetite Magazine said, “History never tasted so good!”

  • Sweney's Tavern-  During the filming of the movie Gettysburg in 1992, the tavern became a popular haunt for the actors involved in the movie. All member of the casts visited the tavern. A collection of Gettysburg movie memorabilia is on display including Colonel Joshua Chamberlain’s coat, boots and hat as well as Sam Elliot and Tom Berenger’s shirts and much more.  The bar was purchased in 1972. A movie poster signed by all the Confederate actors along with Fremantle’s coat and teacup.

  • Civil War Camp Tiger and Farmstead-  Our farmstead and Civil War camp is located directly behind the Farnsworth House Inn and is bordered on the east by a beautiful spring fed run. It is shaded by lush maple trees, and a huge sycamore tree that witnessed the battle. Upon entering the Camp, you will begin your journey of experiencing and observing many of the same things that Civil War soldiers experienced during the Civil War. By chance, Civil War soldiers may be camped and drilling. They are willing to tell you about camp life and the life of the soldiers.


Adults: $9.95+ tax, Children: (ages 7-12) $5.95 + tax, 7 and under FREE

Tickets are available next door at the log building or right here on our website! 

The Historic Farnsworth House Tour is much more than just a house Tour. It includes a Civil War Camp, Tavern, and homestead, complete with a water wheel, gristmill, woodshed, blacksmith shop, outhouse, theater, laundry, hog pen, chicken coop, and much more.

“A total Civil War experience” located in the heart of Gettysburg.

“Voted the #1 attraction in Gettysburg”

Historic Farnsworth House Inn

401 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg PA   17325







The Eye of The Storm Walking Tour

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$10.00 per person plus tax​​​​

Tours are available daily.

Please call for availability- 717-334-8838 extension 0

Tickets can be purchased next door at the log building or online at  www.farnsworthhouseinn.com. Tour includes, Cellar, Attic or Third floor, Main Dining Room, Bed & Breakfast, Sweney's Tavern, Civil War Camp Tiger and Farmstead.

$9.95 per person plus tax

House Tours 

​​Historic Farnsworth House Tour

The Eye of the Storm Walking Tour Sundays at 10:30 am. Located at the Southern edge of Gettysburg, and caught in the midst of the violent sharpshooter action on July 2nd and 3rd, 1863, the Farnsworth House was truly in the eye of the storm. Join us as we walk the hallowed ground of South Baltimore Street and Cemetery Hill, in a discussion one of the lesser-known actions of the battle. Based on the research of author and historian Timothy H. Smith, the tour is a unique blend of military accounts, civilian stories, and town history. The tour lasts an hour and a half and covers about a mile.

** Please Note – This is NOT a Ghost Tour. 
 This tour is an outdoor walking tour and does not go inside of the Historic Farnsworth House. 

One of the most recognized Inns in America...